A court in Bareilly in Uttar Pradesh ordered the police to file a case against a village development officer and a village head who allegedly issued the wrong documents after the children's family refused to shell out a bribe.

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Birth certificates of children reveal age as 102,104

Sanket, two-year-old and Shubh, four-year-old in Uttar Pradesh were registered as 102 and 104 in their birth certificates, allegedly because their parents did not pay a bribe to officials. The children's uncle, Pawan Kumar, had gone to court alleging that the birth certificates of his nephews Shubh and Sanket listed wrong years of birth, police officer Tejpal Singh said.

Rs 500 bribe demanded for each birth certificate

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Village Development Officer Sushil Chand Agnihotri and head Pravin Misra were accused of demanding Rs 500 for each birth certificate; Pawan Kumar said he had applied for the certificates online two months ago, the police said.

When he refused to give the bribe, the years of birth were given as June 13, 1916, and January 6, 1918, on the certificates, instead of 2016 and 2018, Mr Kumar said in court. The police said the court issued an order for action on January 17, which is being processed.