Europes most powerful solar farm opens near Bordeaux

Europes biggest photovoltaic solar power plant opened on Tuesday (1 December) near Bordeaux on the second day of the COP21 climate conference hosted by France. With the projects inauguration, France has made up some lost ground after being a relative latecomer to the solar phenomenon compared to its neighbours in Europe. Dec 1, 2015

Guatemala: Fuego volcano spews ash and lava

Guatemalas Fuego volcano is at it again, erupting early on Monday (30 December), spewing lava into the night sky. The volcano – about 29 miles southwest of Guatemala City – has had at least three large lava flows reported in recent days. David de Leon of Guatemalas emergency agency CONRED is monitoring the situation closely. Dec 1, 2015

Japan whaling ships leave port

Japans whaling fleet set out for the Antarctic on Tuesday (1 December) to resume a decades-old whale hunt, defying global outrage, after a years hiatus due to an international court ruling. Japan aims to take more than 300 whales in its scientific whaling programme before the hunt ends next year. Dec 1, 2015