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Researchers have found that insulin sensitivity in diabetics is not boosted by weight loss caused by protein-rich diet.

High-protein diet is believed to help in losing weight and weight loss aids in improving insulin sensitivity, which is good for diabetics. Due to this reason many people suffering from diabetes opt for protein-rich foods.

Bettering the insulin sensitivity is crucial as it aids in depleting the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular ailments. Obesity is usually responsible for making the body lose its ability to respond to metabolic hormone, hence diabetics prefer consuming a diet that is high on protein.

A researcher named Bettina Mittendorfer, who works as a medicine professor at the Washington University School of Medicine, found that there was insulin sensitivity observed in women who dropped weight because of protein-rich diet, according to a report by the UPI.

The study was conducted with 34 non-diabetic and obese women who belonged to the age group of 50 to 60. These women were divided into three cohorts which were: a group that had food with high-protein diet, a group that consumed the advised daily protein level and a no-dieting group.

The results revealed that no betterment in the insulin sensitivity was seen in women who were on high-protein diet, whereas women who consumed recommended amounts of proteins showed improvement in their insulin sensitivity by 25 to 30 per cent.

Hence, it was concluded that intake of less protein perked up insulin sensitivity and consuming high-protein diet showed minimal benefits in preserving muscles while dieting.

It's still not known why protein-rich diet didn't boost the insulin sensitivity. Researchers are yet to find if men will show similar results or not, a Daily Mail report stated.