Mood-gauging humanoid robots highlight World Robot Exhibition

Humanoid robots that can gauge your mood were among the highlights of the World Robot Exhibition in Beijing on Tuesday (24 November). The exhibition is a part of the three-day World Robot Conference, which also includes a forum and a robot contest for elementary school and junior high school teams. It is the first time for China to host such an event. Nov 24, 2015

Biofuel creators champion whisky by-products over ethanol

A Scottish company has developed a commercial scale method of producing biofuel capable of fuelling cars from the unwanted residue of the whisky fermentation process. Edinburgh-based Celtic Renewables developed its process of producing biobutanol at industrial scale in Belgium and was recently awarded a £11m ($16.7m) grant by the British government to build a bespoke facility of its own in central Scotland. Nov 23, 2015