Scientists Identifies New Retinal Cells in Eyes that Helps in Vision

iPad App Can Improve Vision by Training Eyes

Researchers at the University of California have created a new iPad app, called UltimEyes, which provides human brain with visual exercise and is capable of training the pair of eyes for better eyesight. Feb 20, 2014

Fitness Tips: 7 One-Minute Workouts For a Fit Body

No time for exercise today? No need to worry about it. If you can spare just a minute from your entire day, then you can effortlessly get an effective workout with these uncomplicated exercises. Feb 19, 2014

Indian Man Born Without Ears Can Hear, Respond

A 30-year-old man from Rajasthan has surprised the whole country by being able to hear and respond, irrespective of the fact that he does not have an external ear or visible ear canal. Feb 19, 2014
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Foods to Eat to Reduce Oily Skin

For oily skin, apart from avoiding certain food stuffs, you can try including few foods in your diet and get benefited. Facebook : Twitter : YouTube : A Ventuno Production Feb 19, 2014