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[Representational image] Gymming regularly looks hard but to shed that extra fat, you have to take that extra step.Reuters

People usually go for gymming and workout sessions in the mornings or late in the evenings, that includes office-goers who have a monotonous routine due to which they stay busy and mentally caught up, besides being stuck to their desks and sip on tea and coffee through the day. But is it really helping in any way when it comes to shedding that extra flab?

If you are a health-conscious person working hard to shed some weight and still feel that you aren't losing enough, here are some tips that you could adapt to accomplish your weight-loss mission and also get your desired body weight in return:

Never skip the early morning leg workouts

Drink some water and start your day by working out. Make sure you include exercises like squats, lunges and some old school jumping. Squatting with some extra weight is said to be a more beneficial way of losing weight as it helps in enhancing the body's metabolism and also adds more intensity to the workout sessions. Strong legs or not, that extra sweat can do a lot of wonders in the long run!

Start a love affair with the floor in your office

Opt for a floor instead of a chair or beanie when you're not at your workplace. Sitting on the floor while working on your laptop or watching TV is a good idea because you unintentionally perform some kind of an exercise, every time you have to get up. Pushing the floor away with your palm away and doing a more basic stage of a push-up not only increases your forearm strength, but also gets you core muscles active straightaway.

Keep the AC at bay to eliminate the love handles

Keep the AC temperatures at the lowest bearable level while working out. That does come hard if you are already sweating while entering your home or gym or workplace, but this is exactly what is needed to cut those irritating love handles in the long run. The exercises get hard and make you run out of gas, but that ultimately helps in shedding that extra body weight, in comparison to exercising at room temperature.

Cooling down period is mandatory

Never say never. Once you are done with your sets and reps, devote five minutes to cool down, just like the warm-up session. The mantra for working out in the most effective way possible is scheduling them in a proper manner. A warm-up workout and cool-down circle remains the most effective one. Forget losing that extra weight, if you continue this pattern over a consistent period, get ready to become the new fitness idol in town!

Opt for the old school staircase

It's an oft-followed, tried and tested procedure. Climbing the stairs rather than taking the elevator or the escalator nearby looks like a difficult task for anyone, but spare a thought for your ever-increasing tummy flab. Climbing the stairs on a routine basis not only increases the blood flow in your calf, but it also brings out a proper shape, making your legs look aesthetical. Oh, and did we forget it keeps your abs as active as ever, with your core muscles getting involved in the best way possible.