Staying fit and healthy along with an amazing physique is a dream majority of us aspire for. We work really hard to attain our desired figure and start working out, turn into yoga-loving freaks and most importantly, diet. We feel not eating much or switching our daily food with the latest trending food items and drinks with the belief that it will help us shed some pounds. But unfortunately, we have been binging for various wrong choices while dieting. Here are few of them:

1. Margarine

The first step majority of us take while dieting is switch our butter with margarine as it's considered and portrayed to be healthier than the regular butter we consumed. But that's not really true. Margarine harms your health as it consists of transfat, which leads to heart ailments by lifting our bad cholesterol level up. It is also said to be responsible for causing Alzheimer's disease and type-2 diabetes.

2. Processed low fat foods

Most of us often opt for low fat food products, but we don't realise that such food products actually contain high sugar content, which, in turn, adds on more weight to your body. Some people even start eating these "low fat" foods in excess quantities, thinking that they won't gain much weight; but it's so not true.

3. Cereal bars

One of the most demanding product dieters ask for are cereal bars, thinking that it is the most healthy thing to have for the daily dose of fibre intake. Unfortunately, they don't know that these bars got high amounts of refined carbohydrates and as much sugar content as a bar of chocolate comprises of. Consumption of these two elements definitely don't aid in losing weight.

4. High-fibre snacks

We consider high-fibre snacks to be our best friends while striving hard to shed weight and often go too high on them. Some snacks contain enough fibre which is enough for the day. People often consume these snacks as they keep them filled, but they forget the intake of other food products this way leads to deficiency of important vitamins and proteins making them weak.

5. Processed juices

People often think they can get the complete dose of vitamins and fibres from canned and processed juices that they gulp, but these include enough sugar to make your dieting regime a complete failure. Munching on some fruits would help you better while keeping you healthy.