Fracking: Condamine River erupts in flames due to methane gas build-up

A video posted by New South Wales Greens party MP Jeremy Buckingham appears to show the Condamine River erupting in flames as a result of methane gas build-up, believed to be caused by nearby fracking. Several gas fracking mines are located in the vicinity of the southern Queensland river in Australia, and gas was reported to be leaking into the water as early as 2012. Apr 23, 2016

Faking gravity: The tech behind Tim Peake’s space marathon

How does a weightless man run on the spot while hurtling through space at 17,150mph? As the countdown continues to the London Marathon – taking place on 24 April – ESA astronaut Tim Peake London Marathon will perhaps have more reason to be nervous, as he prepares to run his version on the International Apr 22, 2016