Extraterrestrial radio signals investigated

A curious radio signal picked up by a Russian telescope is probably not a transmission from an extraterrestrial civilisation, but astronomers in California are taking a second look anyway, the SETI Institute said. A group of Russian astronomers last year detected what appeared to be a non-naturally occurring radio signal in the general location of a star system 94 light-years from Earth. SETI astronomers have spent the last two nights using an array of radio telescopes in California to study the suspect star, HD 164595, which has one known planet in orbit. Aug 31, 2016

CSI Stone Age: Scientists discover how ancient human ancestor Lucy died

Bone by bone, UT Austin paleoanthropologist John Kappelman pieced together the life and death of Lucy, the most famous fossil of a human ancestor. She likely died after suffering injuries from an unimpeded free fall from a tall tree, suggesting the terrestrial species likely foraged or nested in trees.CategoryEducation Aug 29, 2016