Space chimp chases Tim Peake around ISS

Nasa astronaut Scott Kelly decided to inject some monkey business into his time on the space station by dressing up in a gorilla costume to torment his fellow ship mates. Kelly uploaded a video to his Twitter page on 23 February showing an unsuspecting astronaut, Britain’s own Tim Peake, checking a large white box. A few seconds later a costumed Kelly comes out and proceeds to chase Peake around the space station. Feb 25, 2016

French robot uses ‘artificial taste’ to judge art

Strolling through the exhibition halls of Paris Quai Branly museum of indigenous art, a little robot in a bowler hat has learned to become a silent art critic. The Berenson robot, developed in France in 2011 and named after American art expert Bernard Berenson, is the brainchild of anthropologist Denis Vidal and robotics engineer Philippe Gaussier. Feb 24, 2016