LED bulb
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A seven-month-old swallowed a LED-bulb while playing with a toy mobile phone, and it took doctors just 2 minutes to extract it!

The bulb, which the little girl Ariba Khan swallowed, 2 cm in diameter.

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Ariba, who hails from Chiplun, Maharashtra, had been suffering from a cough and fever. Her parents took her to a local physician for a check-up, where an X-Ray revealed a wire strand in a bronchus — one of the passageways that connect the windpipe to the lung — on the right side.

Doctors thought she might have swallowed a thread and asked the parents to wait and let her pass the thread through stool.

"The parents initially thought Ariba had swallowed a thread or a small part of a toy. They took her to a local physician who couldn't diagnose the condition. Her condition deteriorated within a week," Hindustan Times quoted doctors from Mumbai's Wadia Hospital as saying.

The family later took Ariba to the Wadia Hospital. Dr Divya Prabhat, head of the ENT department at the hospital, said the X-Ray report indeed revealed a small object in her right lung.

"A primary bronchoscopy showed that the lung was full of granulation tissues (tissue and microscopic blood vessels that form on the surfaces of a wound during the healing process). The tissues were hiding the object, thus making its removal difficult," Prabhat said.

Doctors gave her a course of antibiotics and steroids for two days. On the third day, they performed a bronchoscopy and remove the LED bulb.

"Within two minutes this object, which initially looked like a strand of wire, was removed using forceps. To our surprise, the object was 2 cm in diameter," Prabhat added.