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The relationship between sex and sleep has been established for a while – the more the merrier, it's been revealed. That is, more sleep amps up your sex drive, whereas the more you have sex also helps you sleep better.

But now it has been revealed that the position you sleep in with your partner next to you could also affect the sex between the two of you.

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Mattress Advisor conducted a new research which found that a couples' positions to hit the hay plays a huge role in how often or how intensely they might be getting into business between the sheets. The shocking bit is that some of the popular positions are actually way less romantic than we assume.

A 1,000 people were surveyed where they revealed that falling asleep with each other's limbs intertwined correlated the most with sex, with them rating the frequency of sex sessions at a 4.2 out of five.

And while spooning is a distant second, even though next up for the most related to sex, data shows that it is actually a problematic position for most couples. It seems to work only in cases where men serve as the big spoon; the opposite of it was actually ranked as the 'most annoying' – aka, a real mood killer.

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And despite being ranked number two on the correlation to most sex list, spooning seems to be the second most annoying position for men, followed by just their partner lying partially on top of them.

For about 37.5 percent of couples who have been together for over 30 years, sleeping back to back with little space in between is the position of choice, followed by sleeping on your side and also curling up.

The brand explained this by saying: "Sleep scientists promote curling up on one's side, citing benefits ranging from improved breathing to reduced lower back pain."

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Although it rated number two in the ranking of positions most likely to lead to sex, men rated spooning as their second most annoying sleep position, topped only by lying on their back with their partner lying partially on top of them.

It was also revealed that it isn't just the sleeping position that affects the relationship; the intensity of how soundly they sleep next to each other also has a major role to play. Unhappiness in the relationship can also lead to lack of sleep.

This, of course, can be explained by previous studies that have revealed, not getting enough shut-eye could be a reason behind hostility towards one's partner!