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Some people think sleep is for the entire week, while some believe it is for the weak. However, sleep is undeniably one of the most favourite things of today's generation, apart from food and sex. But what happens when you combine the generation's two favourite things? Co-dependency.

That's right, studies have revealed that there's a new cure for those struggling with falling asleep, and that cure happens to be having sex before bed. It helps in drifting off to sleep better and also improves the quality of your slumber apparently. Provided you reach the big O, anyway.

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The CQUniversity Adelaide conducted a new research, which revealed that people sleep better once they have had sex, which resulted in an orgasm before bed.

Dr Michele Lastella who researches on sleep, surveyed 460 adults between the ages of 18 and 70 to look at how sex can affect sleep and 64 percent of respondents reported that they slept better and also falling asleep more easily, once they have had an orgasm before bedtime.

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While the psychological explanation would be the act of sex basically shutting down our worries about the day ahead, there's also an increased rate of oxytocin, a reduction of cortisol, and an upping of prolactin, which scientifically helps us sleep better.

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This research reveals that it's all about reaching an orgasm, so some self-love is never not an option in this case. The study revealed that masturbating right before bedtime helps in falling asleep much easier, and while it's not as easy as having sex with a partner does, climaxing is better than basically any other option.

Previously, a study of more than 93,000 women aged 50 to 79 by the North American Menopause Society had revealed that the better a woman is sleeping, the higher their sex drive, and the more they enjoy sex when they have it. But looks like the tables have turned.


Or is it just another vicious cycle that people have to live with? Where inadequate sleep means less sex drive, and less sex drive leads to lack of quality sleep again.

While there is no concrete way to get out of this seemingly infinite loop, everybody can just rejoice the fact that sleep and sex are, in fact, interlinked. That is, the more, the merrier. Yay!