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Smoking up is said to have a calming effect on those who get stoned. Giggling is another thing people do after they smoke weed but some people claim to feel horny after they smoke cannabis.

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The impact of drugs, drinks and caffeine varies from person to person and it's yet to be concluded whether cannabis plays a role in improving one's sex life or affects it adversely.

A research published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine reveals that people who smoked up had more sex compared to those who didn't. 

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"Frequent marijuana use doesn't seem to impair sexual motivation or performance. If anything, it's associated with increased coital frequency," said Dr Michael Eisenberg, senior author of a study carried out by Stanford University School of Medicine.

When the data of previously conducted research by universities in Italy and the Czech Republic were analysed together, it revealed that around half of the people who underwent the studies stated that their sexual pleasure had amplified by almost 70 percent while they were high on cannabis.

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"However, many of those studies were completed in the 70s and 80s. More seasoned stoners will be used to the terms 'sativa' and 'indica'. They're different strains of weed, with sativa affecting the mind more, and indica producing more of a body high. It has been suggested that as pot gets stronger, and strains contain more THC (like an indica strain), it can negate those sexual feelings," quoted a report.

Further research is yet to be carried out regarding the aphrodisiac properties of cannabis; so far the evidence about its impact on sexual pleasure is anecdotal. Legalisation of marijuana in various parts of US is allowing the farmers to test and refine their products and come up with the new results.

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Leafly, a cannabis review website created a list of particular kinds of cannabis that smokers can opt for to enhance their mood for sex. The growers have even developed a kind of weed called Sexxpot, it has low-THC strain aphrodisiac properties which aid orgasm in women.

In a research carried out on mice by the scientists at the University of California in which the rodents were given marijuana after which secretion of the love hormone -- oxytocin – a bonding hormone was observed. The hormone is produced by the body when we hug. This led the researchers to come to the conclusion that cannabis is linked to the hormone.

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What usually hamper people from getting orgasm are factors like being self-conscious or any sort of mental block. After smoking up, people get high and become less conscious and relaxed and enjoy the act more, the studies say.