If you and your partner are planning to attain parenthood, there are a couple of ways that can help you conceive faster.

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Do these things to get pregnant quicker:

1. Sexual positions:

Sexual positions play a crucial role when a couple is trying to conceive. The cervix should be in such a position that more sperm gets accumulated near it. These are some positions that couples should try to get pregnant quicker:

  • Try missionary position
  • Doggy-style, which leads to more sperm deposition near the cervix
  • Raise the butt of the female while having sex with the help of a pillow
  • Have intercourse by being side-by-side
  • Peg style in which the male lies flat on the bed and the woman lies on top

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2. Lying on the back increases the chances of conceiving:

Once you and your partner have intercourse, make the woman lie on her back for some time, this would help in pushing the sperm to the cervix and it would elevate her chances of getting pregnant.

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3. Spooning arouses both the partners:

This process helps in turning on the partners, it arouses men and helps them in generating good quality sperm. This also makes the female enjoy the act more and increases their chances to become pregnant.

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4. Orgasms help:

Studies have revealed that women can conceive quicker if she gets orgasms while having sex. It aids in pushing the sperm to the cervix. Don't forget to be stress-free by trying meditation, yoga and breathing exercises, also enjoy while copulating to get pregnant quicker.

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5. Follow a healthy lifestyle:

Following a healthy lifestyle is one of the most important things to do if you want to get pregnant. Both the partners should follow a healthy diet and stay away from smoking, alcohol and coffee as it affects one's fertility adversely.

Source: TOI