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Orgasm is the best part of sex and the zenith of excitement. But you might be scared to know that extremely powerful orgasms have the potential to make you blind.

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A 29-year-old man hailing from Southampton, England had to consult doctor in the morning after realising that the sight of his left eye was impaired.

He told the doctor that he had vigorous sex on the previous night. He was analysed by the doctors who found a haemorrhage in his eye. This was said to be caused by the pressure that's built during an orgasm.

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In this man's case the sudden pressure caused behind his retina while he was having sex made his blood vessels burst, damaging his left eye.

"During orgasm the valsalva manoeuvre [holding your breath to prevent an orgasm] can produce a sudden increase in retinal venous pressure resulting in vessel rupture and haemorrhagic retinopathy," the BMJ case report noted, as reported by The Sun.

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What exactly causes it:

Holding the breath while having sex is the main reason behind the pressure build-up which bursts the blood vessels and causes haemorrhage in the eyes. People often hold their breath during sex for experiencing stronger sensations, to get orgasms and men are known to do it for preventing ejaculation. Apart from haemorrhage, restricting your breath can even cause suffocation.

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How severe is the damage:

The good news about the damage caused by orgasms is luckily not permanent. In this case, the 29-year-old regained his eye sight after the blood in his eye reabsorbed into his body.

"The autonomic effects of orgasm on the eye are well known and have been associated with other ocular pathology, including angle closure glaucoma [damage to the optic nerve due pressure build up]," the report concluded.

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"Prior to ejaculation, retinal vascular tone decreases, allowing vessels to dilate and become engorged."

How to prevent this:

There are several ways people get injured while having sex, not doing it roughly could help in avoiding them. The simple way to prevent the blindness caused by orgasms is avoiding holding your breath while you are at it.