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YouTube screenshot/ secureteam10

A mysterious anomaly was spotted multiple times in the UK in 2008. It was a black triangular craft believed to be a UFO.

A video was also captured by a man passing by Millbrook, a small village near Bedford. Multiple instances of people spotting similar triangular craft were also reported at the time. 

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In the video, the craft can be seen silently spinning in the sky. The footage had gone viral and at that time, videos shot on phones and video cameras were not of the best quality.

However, the quality of the clip was described to be pretty good by UFO hunter Tyler Glockner from YouTube channel Secureteam10.

Glockner has now defined the 'UFO' as one of the best footages of a TR-3B of the United States Air Force. 

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It was captured thrice at different locations in the UK in the same month and this had led to the launch of an investigation by the Southampton airport. 

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Some people had speculated that the craft was an advertising balloon. But Glockner said that it was a craft with anti-gravity technology which remains unaffected by winds.

Watch the video to know more:

YouTube/ secureteam10

Another UFO sighting was reported in the UK on October 25 when bizarre clouds were spotted in Dorset. The sight was like nothing seen before -- two giant patches were observed in the skies of Dorset which seemed to be caused by the trail of UFOs flying by the clouds. This had left all the spectators and UFO hunters perplexed.

"People started stopping me and asking what was going on. They assumed I knew something because I was taking photographs, but of course I had no idea," said freelance photographer Len Copeland, who had stopped by to capture some pictures of the mysterious clouds.