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YouTube screenshot/ secureteam10

A stunning 1992 footage reveals that aliens exist! Alien hunter Tyler Glockner from the YouTube channel secureteam10 unveils a shocking footage of an alien being discovered.

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This astonishing alien footage was found by a UFO channel under a file name-- "EBE 1992 Eager"-- which features some men. This alien dead body was found by snowmobilers, it under snow cover near the Rouge River in Quebec, Canada and is defined as "EBE" – Extraterrestrial Biological Entity.

A local UFO investigator had asked the investigators to keep this finding disclosed, UFO hunter Glockner revealed. The alien body was then secretly recorded by an anonymous person and the video was made public.

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YouTube screenshot/ secureteam10

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The nostrils of the dead alien body can be seen filled with snow. Its eye lids appear to have whites at the corner of the black eyes or the white portion could be snow. It's also guessed that the black portion of this alien's eyes might be protective lens. The anatomy of this dead body seems very much similar to that of humans, the neck region of the alien has Adams apple, oesophagus and trachea, Glockner revealed.

The body of the alien also portrays rib cage and shoulder blades in the footage. The body structure and definition makes it appear anatomically correct, which makes it look like it's real and authentic.

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YouTube screenshot/ secureteam10

Around four to five spectators can be seen with this alien in the footage. It was handled with the help of a rope and sticks in order to avoid touching.

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According to some reports, the body went missing the following day it was found.There are mixed reviews regarding the authenticity of this EBE footage. A majority of people believe it's real but many say this footage is a hoax. Watch the video and you decide for yourself if it's real or not.


YouTube/ secureteam10