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Was a UFO spotted hovering over the Great Wall of China snapped recently?

The incident has been reported to the popular organisation Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), which researches on aliens and UFOs, by the person who claimed to have seen it.

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He reported the bizarre incident about observing the flying saucer near the Great Wall of China at Simatai — 72 miles northeast of Beijing — on November 3.

Though the photographer of the image remains anonymous, he is quoted by the MUFON report as saying: "I went for great wall hiking. I didn't notice at all until I went back to the state and checked on my cellphone pictures." 

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He added: "I think it was flying straight over the sky around the hill or great wall structure. I didn't realise at first, as I was capturing the view site of the great wall while hiking."

The anomaly was speculated to be a UFO by the observer, as per the MUFON report.

Great Wall of China
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Numerous UFO videos have been doing rounds over the internet, portraying the Great Wall of China as a popular place for UFO sightings, but many of them have turned out to be fake.

Veteran forensic UFO investigator Scott Brando, who had shed light on many fake images and videos of UFO sightings via his site ufoofinterest.org, was quoted by the Express as saying that "the object in the image may not be as exciting as it seems, and certainly not of extraterrestrial origin."

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He also said: "It is a blurfo. In this case it's most likely an insect."

A "blurfo" is defined as any blurred bird or insect captured by camera and looks similar to the shape of a flying saucer or a UFO.