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YouTube screenshot/ secureteam10

A new bizarre incident of what could be a UFO sighting took place in the south-eastern state of Bavaria in Germany on Wednesday, August 23.

The witness recorded the sighting on his camera and was left baffled and speechless because of the possible alien technology he saw. The identity of the person who captured the footage has been kept anonymous on his request.

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According to UFO hunter Tyler Glockner from the YouTube channel secureteam 10, this stunning footage has also been handed over to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) investigators to glean more details about the unidentified object.

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The video was recorded on a road near the Siegenburg municipality in the district of Kelheim.

The person revealed that he saw a dark object in the sky, which was something he had never seen before.

He guesstimated it to be a drone or kite, and thought about having a closer look at it by zooming in using his camera.

As soon as the person started to record the object, it disappeared in some moments. It looked cigar-shaped

Another instance of a possible UFO sighting took place earlier this month, right in front of the US Capitol building in Washington.

A mysterious yellow object was spotted by a person who was watching a live Fox News coverage.

Further inquiry is being carried out by MUFON investigators and ufologists, with speculations rife that the object was aired on the channel accidentally.

Have a look at the video yourself to believe it:

YouTube/ secureteam10