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YouTube screenshot/ UFOmania - The truth is out there

A UFO was spotted passing by the US Capitol building in Washington on the television during a live Fox News report on August 14, 2017.

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 Various UFO hunters and investigators including Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) are researching further on this strange incident.

A furore ensued after the unidentified object was accidentally aired live on the news channel.

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"A video was submitted to a UFO investigation organisation showing something zipping in front of the camera during a shot of the US Capitol building on Fox News," Alejandro Rojas, radio host for Open Minds Radio, wrote on Openminds.tv, as quoted by Express.

The region around the US Capitol building is flight restricted, which makes this incident even more curios.

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The strange object can be seen flying swiftly by the US Capitol building.

The shape and size of this UFO couldn't be classified; it can be saucer-shaped or even cylindrical and it might have appeared to be bigger than it actually is due to the close proximity with camera.

"Since it was moving so quickly, the object's shape could also appear more elongated than it actually is," Rojas stated.

According to some people, it could be a frisbee or even a hoax. The mystery about the identity of this unknown object continues.

Check out this video to have a look at the object:

YouTube/UFOmania - The truth is out there