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Marilyn Monroe died on August 5, 1962, at her California home, but the sex symbol's death still remains a mystery which has led to the formulation of various conspiracy theories.

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Here are the top five conspiracy theories about Marilyn Monroe's death:

1. She committed suicide

The authorities had claimed that Monroe had committed suicide. The actress was known to have a history of substance abuse and she suffered from depression. According to media reports, she had attempted suicide more than once, but was luckily saved on these occasions

2. She was murdered by the Kennedy brothers

The rumours of her affairs with former US President John F Kennedy and his younger brother Attorney General Robert Kennedy is believed to be one of the reasons for her murder. According to a theory, Marilyn was murdered by Robert as he found out that she knew many of his secrets that were maintained by her in a diary and if she revealed them, his career would have been damaged.

3. Hiding the affair

According to another theory, despite having affairs with both the Kennedy brothers, she was more attached to Robert than John and was going to make the affair public and Robert killed her to hide the affair.

4. The CIA killed her to punish JFK

The CIA killed her to punish JFK for the failed military invasion of Cuba, which is popularly known as the Bay of Pigs invasion, states another conspiracy theory.

5. CIA assassinated her to prevent her from revealing the truth about aliens

So far, this is the most interesting controversy theory by Dr Steven Greer – the father of disclosure movement – which he backed up with evidence. Dr Greer proved this theory right with the help of a top secret CIA memo that was created two days before Marilyn's death. According to the theory, JFK told her about seeing debris from an extraterrestrial vehicle at a "secret base" and she was about to reveal it to the press.