After NASA, a new cover-up by Google has been exposed by a group of underground researchers on an internet forum.

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As per revelations made by UFOlogist, alien hunter and controversy theorist Tyler Glockner of YouTube channel Secure Team 10, an unusual finding was made on NASA's website Sky View, which is a virtual telescope available on the internet. It helps astronomy enthusiasts and space explorers to search for whichever known part of the cosmos that is mapped and receive a snapshot of that region.

The website helps the viewers to see photos in the normal visual spectrum as well as in infrared, which helps in spotting objects that we can't detect with naked eyes. The infrared photos have helped earlier in spotting several UFOs.

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YouTube screenshot / secureteam10

The people present in the internet forum explored the Virgo constellation using infrared photos and discovered a strange object. This unidentified object shows a pair of bright lights along with a curved line of lights under them, which appears like a luminous smiley face.

nasa, Google, ufo, cover up, weird, alien,
Google Sky blocks the particular spot in which the mysterious object exists.YouTube screenshot / secureteam10

The viewers took to digging up more about this baffling phenomenon by going to other websites. It was later found that this particular region of space was also covered in every space exploring site, including Google Sky.

On comparing the partially blocked image of the mysterious unidentified phenomenon on Google Sky with the one spotted on NASA's Sky View website, it can be clearly seen that it the same luminous body that Google Sky is trying to hide, Glockner revealed.  

nasa, Google, ufo, cover up, weird, alien,
YouTube screenshot / secureteam10

Such acts of censorship end up fuming controversy theorists and UFO hunters. NASA, SpaceX, as well as governments have been caught hiding things up a number of times in the past, which they end up calling "technical glitches."

nasa, Google, ufo, cover up, weird, alien,
SKYMAP.ORG blocked the view of the strange object in the Virgo constellation completely using black box.YouTube screenshot / secureteam10

Another sky mapping application called SKYMAP.ORG had completely blocked the view of this strange object with a black box. 

What do you think is the reason for covering up this unknown object? 

You can check out the video by Secure Team 10 right here:

YouTube/ secureteam10