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Mars has been a planet of great interest for one and all, especially because astronomers have been working to establish human life on it. Various revelations and findings have been made about the Red Planet by NASA, such as the planet being more habitable than previously thought and that Mars might be developing Saturn-like rings, and so on. But does NASA really disclose EVERYTHING it discovers?

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Apparently, not. Numerous mysterious findings have been made on the Martian surface ranging from strange objects, weird shapes with animal-like characteristics, moving alien crafts, alien structures, etc. Though these findings make controversy theorists, alien hunters and UFOlogists believe that alien life exists, NASA and scientists rubbish their claims. 

NASA is now facing a lawsuit filed against it by astrobiologist Rhawn Joseh, he has accused NASA of covering up the actual findings, lying that life is not present on the planet, and violation of public trust among other things. 

According to the court transcript, NASA even issued death threats and attacked scientists who revealed anything about what NASA was doing. 

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Astrobiologist Rhawn Joseph revealed about the presence of microbes on Mars and disclosed the NASA cover up. This snap shows the biologically corroded wheel of Mars

Joseph exposed the presence of life on Mars by closely analysing the wheels of the Mars Rover which was biologically corroded. He found the presence of large colonies of ice and microbes present on the wheel eating it inside out.

These Martian microbes are bacteria and fungi, and they are feeding on the aluminium wheels crafted by NASA in a way so that they could travel hundreds of miles on the rough Martian terrain, as per a report.