Alien reptile spotted on Mars
The latest sighting revealed an alien reptile present on the Martian surface! This creature was spotted in images of Mars captured by NASA.NASA / JPL-Caltech / MSSS - Sol 1433

Lately, a number of theorists have put forward alleged evidence that there is intelligent life on Mars. The evidence, which has come in the form of photographs, point towards the possibility of alien life forms on the Red Planet.

The latest sighting seemingly reveals an alien reptile on the Martian surface! This creature was spotted in images of Mars captured by NASA.

A conspiracy theorist stated that this alien reptile-like creature was seen on the Martian surface.

The mysterious creature has a pair of horns along with a shell: The shape of its head, its neck and its eyes are similar to that of a reptile, one alien-hunter stated.

He even claimed that the Mars Curiosity Rover took these photographs that prove that there is, in all probability, life on Mars.

"It seems to have a beak to the left and tiny horns on top. The eye, head and neck look reptilian, but at this size it is hard to tell," said Joe White, from Alien Art TV.

"It also looks like it has a shell and possibly limbs. Perhaps it was frozen and preserved when the atmosphere was destroyed," White added.

White even said that it's possible that it might just be a rock, but if his other 'findings' in the region, which include giant Mars buildings, statues and animal skulls are anything to go by then anything's possible.

Check out the mysterious 'reptile' here:


"I found some fun anomalies in this photo and one of the most interesting ones is a silver wheel that is levitating off the ground. You can easily see the dark shadow below it, which is proof it is flying," stated the author of the report, Scott C Waring.

Waring also spotted a few face-like structures which didn't resemble human faces, but he found them "friendly enough".

Another weird discovery made earlier in November was a chair-like object on the Red Planet, spotted by a conspiracy theorist from Britain, the Mirror said.

The Curiosity Rover is believed to have taken the image which showed many bizarre rock formations, one of which had a low V-shape carved out of it, while the other one was U-shaped and appeared to be a seat-like structure.

An interesting theory was formulated by conspiracy theorists based on this finding, they believe that Mars used to be a populated planet and the aliens used these chairs to sit and relax.