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A former deputy sheriff and a CIA agent- while on his deathbed-- made some shocking revelations about the infamous Roswell crash of July 1947.

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The military and the government had initially announced in a press release about a UFO crash, creating quite a stir. But later on the day, the statement was retracted in order to cover up the incident. They stated that the crashed object was not a UFO but a United States Air Force (USAF) weather balloon.

Witnesses claimed bodies of aliens were recovered from the crash site. NASA astronomer Lt Col Onizuka stated he had seen alien corpses from the Roswell crash. He died in the Challenger space shuttle blast in 1986. Onizuka made this revelation to Clark C McClelland, a former operator of the NASA space shuttle fleet, and his colleague, as per a report.

A new video has been released in which a former deputy sheriff Charles H Forgus, who was 81 in the year 1999, making shocking revelations about the Roswell UFO crash.

Roswell crash, ufo, alien, cover up, revelations, weird news, mystery,
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The report was released in line with a book by Dr Irena Scott named 'UFOs Today: 70 Years of Lies, Disinformation and Government Cover-Up' published on June 1, 2017 by Flying Disk Press.

According to a report by Express, the video was not released since 1999 because of copyright issues, Flying Disk Press revealed.

"Dead aliens were been taken out of a flying saucer," Forgus stated in the video.

As per his statements, he was driving from Texas to Roswell to pick up a prisoner with a sheriff on the night of the infamous crash, when he heard about the crash on the police radio.

Forgus was later interviewed by Deanna Bever, an investigator from LA, who was probing the matter as well as another interviewer who is identified as LR.

In the book, Dr Scott said only a few people had reported about seeing alien bodies, but Forgus said the crashed UFO was perfectly round in shape, and 100 feet across.

Roswell crash, ufo, alien, cover up, revelations, weird news, mystery,
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He said he saw bodies of around four creatures, approximately five feet tall with large eyes and feet similar to humans. The aliens had brownish skin and there was no blood on the site. The bodies of aliens were kept in a truck.

Forgus also saw around three to four hundred military people in the area, but they didn't look like Air Force personnel. The duo was asked to leave once the military guys spotted them.

Later, they were approached by a government person who asked them to keep mum, Express reported.

Sheriff Forgus stuck to his statements while on his death bed.

Roswell crash, ufo, alien, cover up, revelations, weird news, mystery,
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Similarly, another 77-year-old CIA agent suffering from kidney failure, whose name has not been revealed, made a deathbed confession regarding the Rosewell crash. He said he had seen the crashed UFO and the bodies of the aliens in an interview. He also said the UFO was kept in Area 51 of the USAF base – S4 for quite sometime. The CIA agent claimed he had seen various UFOs and even live aliens! You could watch the entire documentry by clicking this link.

Check this video to know more about the Roswell crash revelations:

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