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Mysterious luminous objects were spotted in the live SpaceX rocket launch footage.YouTube screenshot / secureteam10

The successful launch of the SpaceX commercial satellite on Thursday, March 30, 2017, was followed by something really strange, spotted swiftly by UFO hunters.

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An onboard camera was broadcasting the live take off, and the footage showed the dark background of space, but suddenly unknown luminous objects were seen passing by the rocket on the top right corner of the screen.

As soon as these alien objects were noticed, the footage was changed to an animated screen showing the position of the rocket as it was flying over the US. But was this an attempt at a cover up?

326k ufo, SpaceX, weird news, mystery, spotted, alien, spacecraft,
YouTube screenshot / secureteam10

According to UFO hunters, the sudden switching of screen did seem like an attempt to cover up the incident. The animated view showing the position of the rocket was switched back, once again showing the darkness of space.

Three luminous alien craft were observed flying-by in the footage, aligned in a triangular shape.

According to Secure Team 10 UFO hunter Tyler Glockner,  a similar luminous UFO was spotted hovering near the ISS with three lights in a triangular formation in a previous video.

The alien hunter also put up 'footage' of another mysterious alien craft flying by the ISS, earlier. This craft could be seen taking a sharp 180-degree turn, and Tyler rubbished claims it was nothing more than debris or an ice rock, and backed-up his statement saying that space rocks and dust freely floating in space do not suddenly change their direction.

Here's the video showing the mysterious extra terrestrial craft that was lately spotted:

YouTube / secureteam10