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Was Marilyn Monroe murdered by the United States' Central Intelligence Agency because she found out the truth about the Roswell UFO incident? That's what a conspiracy theorist claims with 'strong evidence.'

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"Murdered because she knew the truth about aliens and was about to blow the lid on the truth," conspiracy theorist Dr Steven Greer revealed in his new documentary Unacknowledged. It discloses the truth about UFOs, aliens and the US government cover-ups.

Dr Greer is popularly known as the "father of disclosure movement." He has backed up the allegations with a top secret CIA memo which was created just two days prior to Monroe's death on August 5, 1962, in California.

Dr Greer even claims that the agency had wiretapped Monroe because of her relationship with then US President John F Kennedy.

As per the proof provided by Dr Greer, Kennedy had shared about seeing the evidence of "things from outer space" at a secret US Air Force base with Monroe, which triggered fright amid CIA officials.

"We have a number of smoking gun documents, including a wiretap of Marilyn Monroe the day [sic] before she died, which has never been declassified," Dr Greer stated on his website.

"She was threatening to hold a press conference to tell the world what Jack Kennedy had told her during pillow talk about having seen debris from an extraterrestrial vehicle at what the document calls a 'secret air base'," he added.

Check out this video to know the real cause behind Marilyn Monroe's death: