ufo, Texas border, weird, spotted,
YouTube screenshot / secureteam10

A strange UFO sighting took place at a distance of 30 miles from the Texas border, which was captured in a clip with the help of a camera by a witness named Joey Franco.

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The disc-shaped UFO was spotted in the night sky by the Franco. The mysterious flying object can be seen flying around swiftly in the video.

This disc-shaped UFO came out of nowhere in the sky and was flying at an extremely fast pace. It disappeared in the sky once, but it reappeared and stopped after the witness flashed a laser at the craft.

The UFO actually reappeared and flew back to Franco, like it was trying to make a contact with him and it flew again.

"Come on back here, please!" said Franco and waved at the UFO, which actually returned to him.

ufo, Texas border, weird, spotted,
YouTube screenshot / secureteam10

This left Franco baffled and he admitted that he was scared in the YouTube video posted by Secure Team 10.

"It's almost at top of me right now; I hope it doesn't hurt me. Please don't hurt me," terrified Franco said.

The saucer just zoomed away and disappeared after that and didn't return after that despite Franco requesting it to come back several times.

Franco mailed alien hunter Tyler Glockner from Secure Team 10 stating "this thing came out of nowhere, hovered over him and did some amazing neck-breaking flight patterns. It then zoomed away at what appeared to him to be around thousands of miles per hour and it completely startled him."

He even revealed that he had a laser and every time he shined it at the UFO, it reacted and almost came right to him whenever he did that.

Check out the incident in the video below and do comment:

YouTube/ secureteam10