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Researchers have discovered a mummified alien corpse which was found in an ancient tomb in Peru. It has been claimed that the corpse had eggs inside it.

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The archaeologists unearthing the mummified corpse also found a corpse which looked like a baby.

These mummified aliens which were found in Peru's secret tomb. At least five such alien corpses were dug out in Peru's Nazca city and a video has been released which disclosed that one of these unique mummified aliens had three eggs inside it, a CT scan revealed, as reported by and more videos are being released by the website.

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A genuine investigation about is being carried out to find the authenticity of the videos. Scientists are claiming the video to be an elaborate hoax.

The new revelation was made after statements were released by scientists and the Peruvian World Congress on Mummy Studies that quoting that these creatures are believed to be a hoax.

The statement also says that these corpses were made using human remains and to bring out the truth about how real these findings are they demanded an official enquiry to find out if any archaeological crimes were committed or not, a report by the Express reported

Various alien body discoveries were investigated by Jamie Maussan, who is a Mexican journalist and the lead investigator for the Gaia website. According to his findings, they turned out to be hoaxes.

Dr Edson Salazar Vivanco was a part of the previous assessments of body parts which were claimed to be of alien origin. Frontal and lateral X-ray of these mummified aliens was carried out and a bump was detected in one of them.

"The physical examination revealed that in the pelvic cavity there was a bump. This may have been its last meal, it may be something else, or it maybe gestation," Vivanco stated.

"We looked at the X-rays, we found that this creature had eggs inside," Maussan stated in a video.

The cohort of researchers concluded by saying that these alien creatures were humanoid in shape and reproduced by laying eggs just like reptiles.