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Screenshot of mysterious light balls around crop circles in the UK which was shot by Pierre Beake on a hot day.YouTube screenshot/ NowYouKnow

Mysterious UFOs have been spotted by Pierre Beake, which appear to be like flying saucer and floating rocks. There are also reports of strange spherical objects and lights being spotted in England and his native France.

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Beake is an experienced photographer who has been covering an area called Col de Vence situated near the south of France. Most of his photos have been taken from this very region, this location is popular for the UFO sightings and can provide numerous evidence about these extra terrestrial phenomena.

At an annual conference called the 27th annual called Glastonbury Symposium which focuses on conspiracy theories, paranormal, philosophies of a new age as well as alternative thought.

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"It is one hour from Nice. It is a rocky place where you get a strange feeling. I go once a week to Col de Vence. Why there are so many paranormal things there I do not know," he told the symposium.

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Exclusive photo showing UFOs flying over crop circles on August 10, 2017Facebook/ Berg Ufo Wayne

Beake captured an image in a rocky region which portrays numerous mysterious lights present in it. According to him, this incident took place in the 1970s for the first and the last time.

"People saw those lights above the mountain. There was no noise and they moved so slowly," Beake was quoted as saying by Express.

These objects were not any army helicopters else he would have heard them Beake revealed.

"There was a big ball of light which moved backwards and disappeared. It is unsolved and there can be no explanation," he said as reported by Express.

The other images captured by Beake shows giant glowing objects along with a tail, another type of UFO he snapped looked like flying rocks.

"We took this and did not see anything while making the film. A cloud was just passing in front and there was this thing in the sky which was enormous. It looked like a stone or rock, they are part of the Col de Vence mystery," Beake stated referring to another image.

He also clicked images of weird orbs, lights and UFOs while examining crop circle in south west England.

"Some people say they have been here for 10 years and got nothing on camera. I can't help them and do not have the solution, but some people say I just must attract them," he concluded.

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