ufo spotted, alien, UK,
YouTube screenshot/ secureteam 10

This bizarre alien phenomenon has been witnessed by many people all over the UK, which is leaving everyone baffled.

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The weird shape was spotted in the sky by people in Cornwall, Roche Rock, St. Austell and many other regions in the UK.  

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alien,ufo, spotted, mystery,UK,
YouTube screenshot/ secureteam 10

People even recorded this curiosity arousing anomaly in video and posted it on social media.

ufo, alien, spotted, Cornwall, UK,
YouTube screenshot/ secureteam 10

Some people claimed it to be a flock of birds, but examining the footage closely would render the claim baseless.

According to the people who saw it closely, this out-worldly phenomenon was definitely nothing close to birds. As per UFO hunter Tyler Glockner's conspiracy theory, it is some kind of alien portal.

The mystery about this object remains unsolved. People are guessing it to be a UFO hovering over UK

Check this video to watch this weird feature yourself:

YouTube/ secureteam10