The UFO that was being chased by military air crafts.YouTube screenshot/ Trident Eye

In the latest instance of UFO spotting, the pursuit of a mysterious flying object by US Air Force jets in the night sky was seen, almost 50 people who attended a UFO conference revealed.

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This matter is being looked into by the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), the biggest organisation in the world which carries out UFO and alien research. 

According to the details sent to MUFON regarding this astonishing incident, it happened at Landers, California while a huge three day special UFO event called -- Contact in the Desert -- was taking place in the city of Joshua Tree. This occurrence took place on May 21, at around 10 pm local time.

The UFO observed has two light sources on it, which point toward the chances of it being two separate crafts and the military aircraft were chasing it.

After the conference, a night-sky watch was carried out by a person, whose identity has not been disclosed, using night vision goggles with a video camera and the findings were handed to US-based MUFON.

"Luckily one of my participants caught this and many of our other sightings, from all three nights no less, with his black-and-white night vision video camera. His additional footage of some of the other incredible sightings will be posted at a future date once they are compiled," their report stated, as quoted by OpenMinds.tv.

"Some of my participants and I saw a large, amber-coloured light low to the horizon just behind Giant Rock from where my whole group of about 50-plus people were gathered and using 15 pairs of night vision goggles. A contingency of about 20 of us ran to get a better view of it. To the naked eye it appeared to be a large, orangish (amber) light, that, quoting some of the 20 people; 'flew like a bumble bee," the report stated further.

The findings made with the help of the night-vision goggles revealed that the UFO was huge and diamond shaped.

UFO, illustration,
Witness' illustration of the UFOMUFON

An illustration of the UFO was also submitted by the witness.

It was described as looking like "a large diamond-shaped UFO." through night-vision goggles.

"This object then flew behind a small hill right behind the entire sky watch larger group," a witness stated.

"As those of us who ran off walked back to join the others, three military jets flew over in the direction of the object now gone from sight behind the hill. Some of us commented that if they were following it, meaning the jets, they were a few minutes too late," she concluded.

Watch this video to know more:

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