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YouTube screenshot/ Alan Kingwell

A new bizarre instance occurred in UK on August 30 when a 62-year-old Alan Kingwell, a self-employed artist, spotted two UFOs in a time-lapse video he shot.

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These mysterious objects were found accidentally while Kingwell was shooting a time lapse video of the sky. He shot the video from his back garden around the local time of 6:15 pm.

The UFOs captured in the shots were first seen when Kingswell started editing the time lapse video.

"It was filmed accidentally and I never saw the objects until I edited the time-lapse film," he told the Mirror.

"I immediately tried lots of things to dismiss camera error or any other natural things that may have caused this," Kingwell stated further.

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These alien crafts were hiding behind the clouds as the weather was cloudy. Two dark objects were spotted by Kingwell which were standing motionless in the sky. They got covered by the clouds again just after Kingwell got a glance of them with the help of binoculars.

He even called his wife to come out and have a look at the UFOs, but they were covered with dense clouds and couldn't be seen.

Kingwell tried getting a glimpse of these object the next day early in the morning too, but he couldn't find them.

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"I spend many hours looking at the tiny clip and I am convinced now that there really was something totally motionless high in the sky," he said, according to a report by Cornwall Live.

"There is a part of the clip where you can see the two objects being covered by cloud and peeping through again to be covered once more before they are revealed again when the cloud disperses," he said further.

Kingwell shared his mysterious video clip with some societies in order to figure out what these two unidentified static bodies really were.

Watch the recorded clip here:

YouTube/ Alan Kingwell