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Imagine having protected sex with your partner and suddenly realising that the condom got stuck in you! Don't freak out, we'll tell you what to do.

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Here are few things you can do to get rid of a condom stuck in your vagina:

1. Make sure your nails are trimmed and your hands are clean. Gently push your fingers in and try to get a grip of the condom to slowly pull it out. Don't fret, stay calm, patient and gentle during this process to avoid hurting yourself with your nails.

2. If you think the condom has gone way too deep try doing squats, as it will help pushing the condom out to a great extent.

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3. Don't hesitate in asking your partner to help you get out of this condition. If he doesn't.. you know who to get rid of after the condom.

4. If none of the above work, going to a gynaecologist is your last resort. They are expert in dealing with such cases. Also, not to forget, you might be at the risk of getting infected with STDs, they would guide you about it too.

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5. THIS is the most important thing you need to do once you get rid of the condom, have a contraceptive pill to avoid any unwanted pregnancy. In case you don't know, pre-ejaculation of your partner can also impregnate you and as they say precaution is better than cure.