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A study carried out by Wakefield Research reveals how you can identify someone who is good in bed.

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This survey included 1,000 participants out of which 58 percent of the people agreed that people who are good at doing household work are going to be good at sex.

According to the revelations made by the result of this survey, most of the Americans (52 percent) comprising 57 percent of women and 46 percent of men, agreed that seeing their partners doing chores turn them on.

This survey brought to light that 2 out of 5 Americans admired images of their partners cleaning their home instead of seeing them in appealing attires.

Doing households can also result in makeup sex amid couples that had a fight as 17 percent of Americans would prefer seeing their partner to do household work after a quarrel instead of apologising.

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Allen Wagner, a LA-based licensed marriage and family therapist found the result of this survey reasonable.

"People who are good at chores show attention to detail in addition to self-reliance and independence," Wagner said as quoted by

"Follow through and successful execution would be the main reasons [for attraction], as there is a parallel there. People who do chores also exhibit responsibility, and as we know there is responsibility when it comes to sexual intercourse," Wagner stated further.

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"A man who fully and generously participates in maintaining home and hearth would probably bring that generosity into the relationship," stated Richard Matzkin, the author of the book Loving Promises: The Master Class for Creating Magnificent Relationship.

"It is about caring for your partner and the relationship," he says. "If a man wishes to please his mate outside the bedroom, he probably is eager to please her in bed," Matzkin concluded.