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Everyone loves to look good and attractive to the opposite gender but a woman took it too far. Allison Ramirez, a writer, used her own vaginal fluid as a perfume to attract men and guess what, it worked.

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The scent does play a crucial role in sexually attracting a mate. Ramirez went to a bookstore to carry out research on how she could use her pheromones and attract men.

She read two books named: The Joy of Sex by Dr. Alex Comfort and Aphrodisiacs by Linda Louisa Dell.

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"You basically just have to stick a finger down there and then use said finger to dab your 'natural perfume' on your pulse points, which seems, in my opinion, a bit uncivilised," she concluded, as reported by Mirror.

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Experts even revealed that courtesans of medieval Europe were aware of using their vaginal fluid as a secret weapon to attract men; they used to apply their secretions on their chests and even behind their necks and ears.

Allison worked with a specialist and brought a slight twist to this method, by creating a sweet-smelling perfume which she created by adding ingredients like rose, civet and cedar. She says her take on the technique was more "civilised".

Allision stated: "I used a long Q-tip to basically extract some residue from my vagina in order to use it for my perfume."

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"Because bodily fluids may not 'hold up,' I decided that my best bet was to dip this Q-tip — saturate it, really — in the perfume I'd created, dab it on my pulse points (neck, wrists, cleavage) and then hit the town in order to see what the results would be," she added.

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It might sound creepy but this experiment of hers turned out to be successful. Allision applied the scent she created while she met an old pal and they ended up sharing a drunken kiss!

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Allison went on another date after applying her perfume. She said that her dating partner did nothing wild or naughty during the date, but he did drop a message later saying that the date was fun and they should go out again.