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Factors such as stress, tiredness and diet can adversely affect your sex drive. The foods you eat also have a direct impact on your hormones, which affects your mood to get intimate.

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According to nutritionists, you can enhance your libido by having the right foods for breakfast, which should be rich in vitamin D.

Previously conducted studies have revealed that vitamin D impacts the levels of the sex hormones oestrogen and testosterone in women and men, respectively. A shocking research no says one out of five adults don't have adequate levels of vitamin D.

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"I usually say diet comes first when it comes to getting all your nutrients. But vitamin D is actually very difficult to get from diet alone. Very few foods contain vitamin D," Rob Hobson, the head of London-based Healthspan Nutrition, has been quoted by the Daily Mail as saying.

Here's what you should have in your breakfast to boost your libido:

1. Oily fish

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Mackerel, salmon and other oily fish are said to be a great source of vitamin D.

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In places like Ireland where it's hard to get this sunshine vitamin because of the climate, consuming a portion or two of oily fish on a weekly basis can help you maintain the balance of this vitamin and boost sex drive.

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2. Mushrooms

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Mushrooms are the only plant source containing vitamin D. To be precise, mushrooms contain vitamin D2, which aids in raising vitamin D levels in the blood and other animal-based food contain vitamin D3, which help calcium absorption in the bones.

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3. Eggs


Apart from being a rich source of proteins, eggs also provide various vitamins and minerals found in the yolk.

Though eggs are not considered a great source of vitamin D, a study carried out by the Martin Luther University of Halle-Wittenberg in Germany states that eggs laid by chickens exposed to sunlight contain three-four times more vitamin D than those laid by chickens in the shade.

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Another study carried out in 2013 by Iowa State University states that chickens given vitamin D-rich feed also produce eggs with more vitamin D content.

4. Fortified breakfast cereals

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Various fortified breakfast cereals  like Kellogg's Special K and Quaker's Oats, have vitamin D. Consuming them with soya milk or fortified dairy accompanied with a glass of orange juice will help you maintain the right levels of vitamin D and enhance your libido.