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This is a crazy thought indeed but, do animals and birds fart? Researchers, over the generations, have spent a lot of time and energy to find out the truth -- and the mystery has finally been solved.

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Do animals fart?

It has been found that rabbits do. The digestive system of these herbivores that consumes grass, flowers and twigs, is not specialised enough to digest the plants they consume. They depend on bacteria and protists in their intestine for extracting the nutrients from food.

The food they eat is "initially digested in their large intestine, in order to get the most nutrition out of their food rabbits also reingest their cecotropes, which are soft faeces consisting of the fermented plant material," a report revealed.

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The diet that rabbits follow makes them fart as the digestion process requires it. Dehydration, stress and a sugar-rich diet leads to gas build-up in their stomach. The gas build-up can be pretty painful for the bunnies and can even turn out to be deadly for them, necessitating medical intervention in extreme cases.


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Do birds fart?

A variety of birds, having varying sizes and characters, are found across the globe. But unlike animals they do not fart. The gas producing microbes found in the gut of animals are not found in birds. The food digestion takes place very fast in the gut of a bird which leaves no time for the gas build-up.