star fruit,

Star fruit, also known as Kamarakh or Kamaranga, is sold by numerous fruit vendors on the streets. It is a tangy fruit, often consumed raw, roasted or with some seasonings sprinkled on it.

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Found in tropical and sub-tropical regions, the star fruit plant has both nutritional and medicinal uses.

In Sri Lanka the plant is used for lowering the blood sugar levels in diabetics patients as it got hypoglycaemic effects. But not many are aware of the dangers this fruit can cause.

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Numerous studies conducted on this fruit so far reveal that it can be harmful in many ways and can negatively impact the nerves to kidney.

A poisonous substance present in the star fruit—neurotoxin-- can cause neurological problems by damaging the brain cells.

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star fruit,

 Some of the symptoms of star fruit poisoning are:

  • Hiccups
  • Mental confusion
  • Seizures

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It even has the potential to kill you in severe cases of poisoning. Hence, many people might not be able to tolerate the fruit due to the toxicity it has.

The fruit can affect the digestive tract and even lead to complication related to digestion, as stated by a TOI report.

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It can have harmful impact on the kidneys of the people suffering from chronic kidney disease (CKD).

Drinking star fruit juice in large quantities can even result in acute kidney injury (AKI), a research revealed.

Those having healthy kidneys can manage flushing out the toxins. National Kidney Foundation even advises to avoid eating the fruit as its toxins can cause serious health issues.