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Is the G-spot overhyped? Guys, you can actually satisfy your partner better by focusing on 'A-spot' and 'the mound of Venus' instead of the G-spot and clitoris, sexpert reveals.

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Known as mons pubis, the region is pretty underrated. It refers to the fleshy portion of the vagina which lies above the labia. Also referred to as pubic mound, people often skip this part when they foreplay.

Mons pubis is also known as mons veneris, which means "the mound of Venus".

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"It's a plump, rounded pad of fatty tissue that sits just above a woman's labia, or 'lips' – it's the triangular bit where most of her pubic hair grows. The mons pubis serves several functions," said Alix Fox, Durex's sex and relationships expert, as reported by Daily Star.

"For a start, it covers the pubic bone and acts like a tiny bouncy cushion which helps to protect the bone beneath from being uncomfortably bumped and knocked during intercourse or general life. It's literally 'a cushion for the pushing'," she added.

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Fox explained that mons is a region which shelters many sebaceous and sweat glands, which secrete pheromones containing perspiration and sebum. Pheromones are chemicals that are produced by the body to smell attractive and arouse the partner sexually.

"Finally, it contains a whole host of nerve endings too, which mean it can feel gloriously gorgeous when stimulated as part of sex and foreplay," Fox said.

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"Yet sadly, this little pube-covered pillow all too often gets completely ignored between the sheets," she added.

"Lovers tend to focus on a woman's clitoris and vagina; with all good intentions, they can get so side-tracked by concentrating on a lady's 'downstairs area' that they don't realise they could also bring her great pleasure by taking a small step upstairs and giving the mons pubis some attention too," Fox said.

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Another region of the vagina which is known as the A-spot is a sensitive region in the vagina. Also known as AFE (anterior fornix erogenous) zone is a patch of tissue in the deepest region of the vagina. It is hard to reach because it's situated beyond the G-spot. But if you are be able to stimulate this region, women are going to enjoy the act more and get immense pleasure.