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A rescued cat named 'Curious Zelda' has become an internet sensation lately. Hailing from the town of Beckenham, London, the cat owned by Matt Taghioff, has become an celebrity on the social media with 34k followers on Twitter. 

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Taghioff,31, rescued the cat  three years back. He saw an ad stating 'don't be put off by my spooked expression' and planned to adopt Zelda.

He came up with the idea of creating a social media page for her as he found that people couldn't stop talking about his cat because of its unique expression.

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 "When introducing Zelda to friends, family and colleagues, they laughed a lot thanks to her amazing facial expressions and unique behaviour, trying to guess what she was thinking of," as reported by

"When I met her at the rescue shelter her ad said 'don't be put off by my spooked expression' and I wasn't."

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"Her eyes widened as I approached her, but she was so affectionate despite her startled glances. She was the first and only cat I met at the shelter that day. The conversation usually ends up about her. Zelda's page features a number of photos of her, which all come complete with hilarious captions imagining why she looks so shocked."

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Presently Zelda's Twitter account has more than 34k followers making her a celebrity.

Here are couple of tweets from Zelda's page: