There have been numerous instances when a couple uses condom and still ends up conceiving. Condoms are said to be efficient 97 percent of the time, but not using them properly can lead to various problems — from unwanted pregnancy to STDs.

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Here are some mistakes people commonly make while using condoms:

1. Wearing the condom improperly

Many a times while men are making out with their partner they take the decision to wear a condom just before they are about to ejaculate. Doing this is going to trigger the chances of unplanned pregnancy and make the partner more prone to sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) because of the precum.

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2. Checking the condom

People are often so excited to get between the sheets that they buy protection in a hurry.

They take the condom's integrity for granted and don't really check if it is defective or damaged. This often leads to unplanned pregnancies.

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3. Removing condom before time

It may sound weird and annoying, but some guys have the habit of removing the condom before they are done with the act. Men following this practice need to calm down and learn to be patient to avoid unwelcome circumstances.

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4. Wear it properly!

The best thing to do for all the newbies and even experienced men is to read the instructions written on the pack of the condom CAREFULLY in order to prevent mistakes.

If not worn properly, there are chances that a condom will tear and.. you know what's next.

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5. Here's the best way to wear a condom properly

Be patient and wear a condom when you are properly erect. Doing so will help avoid the protection from tearing or causing unwanted problems later on. It will also make it easier for you to wear the condom.

Wearing a condom when you are not properly erect can even lead to conditions like leaving the condom stuck in your partner.