Salman Khurshid

Why China's Incursion in Ladakh Preceded Khurshid's Visit?

Ever since 1959 when the Tibetan Religious leader Dalai Lama crossed the mountains and sought refuge in Dharmashala, India's relations with China were on a rollercoaster and the 1962 war was a decisive factor that can never revert an unequal relationship set between the two giants. May 3, 2013

Saradha Chit Fund Scam: Why Mamata Reacts, not RBI?

The chit fund company has, no doubt, defrauded thousands of investors, including the poor and to portray herself as pro-poor, Mamata reacted rather abruptly creating a ₹500-crore fund to help these investors. More than helping the poor, the CM's move brings into question how such frauds should be dealt with in future, both by the government and the regulator, here the RBI. Apr 25, 2013

Bhutan, The Nation of 'Gross National Happiness' Votes For Second Time

The tiny Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan began voting Tuesday for the lower house "National Council" only for the second time, five years after the country became a Democratic Monarchy in a historic move that saw the king voluntarily stepping down from his absolute power. The voting will follow the more important election for the National Assembly in June in which a political party will be elected as the new government. Apr 25, 2013