Narsingh Yadav
Narsingh Yadav has bagged major headlines in the build-up to Rio.Reuters

Directors like Omung Kumar, Shimit Amin and Ali Abbas Zafar -- all of whom have directed sports-related movies -- take note, a brilliant Bollywood plot is ready, following the recent doping scandal involving Narsingh Yadav. The climax is set to take place in Rio at the Olympics, and irrespective of what happens, here we have the ingredients for a movie to become a huge hit at the box office, one that can even beat the current wrestling blockbuster ''Sultan''.

Though NADA (National Anti-Doping Agency)  may have finally given the green signal to Narsingh to participate in Rio, the wrestler's build-up to Rio Olympics has the feel of a top Bollywood masala flick. And judging by the success of ''Mary Kom'', ''Sultan'' and ''Chak de India'', this Narsingh saga has the potential for full houses as well.

The opening scenes of the movie can show how India's Sushil Kumar suffered a shoulder injury, ruling him out of the World Championship. Narsingh, inspired by the opportunity, gives India a Rio quota via a bronze medal finish in the competition.

But the real plot of the movie will start with the Wrestling Federation of India having a decision to make - Narsingh or Sushil in the 74-kg freestlye for the Rio Olympic Games. Narsingh earned it, but the WFI has the right to choose India's entry. Sushil looks to be the second favourite, but the double-Olympic medallist challenges Narsingh for a trial.

The body also comes under pressure as the wrestling body is not sure who to send. But the signs are pretty clear from the WFI that they want to send Narsingh, who is named in the preparatory camp list, not Sushil.

Sushil is disappointed with the WFI, and moves to Delhi High Court, asking for a trial. In between all this, there are supporters of both camps, and social media goes ablaze. The HC also disappoints Sushil, which hands Narsingh the privilege to represent India.

And we know Bolywood is incomplete without songs, and after the HC verdict, there comes a chance for the director to insert a song to celebrate. But, the joy does not last for long, as Narsingh, who is preparing for the Rio Olympics, is not allowed to travel to Bulgaria with rest of his teammates.


That is the second turning point of the movie, and Narsingh has been provisionally suspended, and his participation comes under a thick dark cloud. Another perfect timing for a sad song, Narsingh is almost in tears (adding that drama factor).

Narsingh is utterly surprised, so are the WFI, who always considered the grappler to be a clean athlete. The wrestler cries foul play, stating that someone or the other spiked his food supplements leading to his positive tests. The situation takes another turn, as an intruder is reportedly suspected to have spiked his supplements in his SAI training centre in Sonepat. Narsingh files an FIR. 

Meanwhile, Praveen Rana is named as Narsingh's replacement, if the grappler is not allowed to head to Rio. Narsingh's date of NADA hearing takes shape, but they cannot take the call in the first few hearings due to the complications involved in the case.

However, just four days ahead of the Rio Olympics, NADA clears Narsingh for the Olympics, giving him a clean chit to head to Brazil. Another reason for a celebration song and dance. With it, the movie heads to the climax.

The shooting for that part of movie is scheduled in Rio, and considering the drama that has taken place already, nobody will be surprised if there are a few more eyebrow-raising moments.