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Kylie Jenner has broken the internet again, and much like older sis Kim Kardashian, it is with a single snap.

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The 20-year-old posted a snap of her cruising around Los Angeles on the way to Kim's cherry blossom-themed baby shower, but that wasn't the highlight of the video. Kylie's Snapchat clip shows a big rock dazzling on her ring finger, and sure enough it didn't go unnoticed by her fans.

While the world is still awaiting confirmation of the lip-kit mogul's much-talked-about pregnancy following rumours and amidst sources confirming to multiple outlets that Kylie has indeed been planning a big wedding with baby daddy and rapper beau Travis Scott, 25, this clip was just the cherry on the top.

The news of Kylie's pregnancy was broken by TMZ in late September this year, and ever since only sources have confirmed the news, without the reality TV star even addressing it in the slightest, or making too many public appearances, which in turn spurred further speculations.

While Kylie has been a cheeky tease on her social media accounts, dropping what have been considered prospective hints about her pregnancy and the baby's gender, this latest snap opened the floodgates for fans' reactions and like always, they took to Twitter to express their excitement.

Earlier Saturday, Kylie had also shared snaps of her in fresh baby pink manicure, and all of that particular coloured obsession had fans thinking she is indeed expecting a baby girl.

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As for Kylie herself, sources shared with People magazine: "Kylie has always talked about being a mom at some point sooner rather than later."

They added that all the Kardashian and Jenner sisters are "all really happy for Kylie."