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Kylie Jenner is a tease! It's official. With weeks rolling off to almost a month now of her pregnancy rumours having exploded on the internet, the reality TV star is yet to confirm or provide an official statement.

But that doesn't stop her from picquing fans' and followers' curiosity as she keeps dropping cryptic little hints on social media.

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In her latest Instagram post, Kylie flaunts her sizzling body in a black top which shows some significantly growing bust and even a possible baby bump.

Her followers, who are impatiently thirsting for even the slightest bit of confirmation, did go crazy over pointing out the changes in her body.

Ever since TMZ broke the news of Kylie reportedly expecting a baby girl with rapper beau Travis Scott, speculations and theories about this just being a stunt for Keeping Up with the Kardashian's 10th anniversary season broke out. Which is probably why the added bated breath!

The lip-kit mogul who has always been a master at capturing attention and blowing minds with her way above average selfie skills, has taken ample measure to keep the alleged baby bump hidden, from baggy outfits to throwback photos on social media.

Even though this new photo expectedly doesn't bare it all, the changes in her body are hard to ignore. While followers are often quick to hate and slam a celebrity for apparent "weight gains" (remember Rihanna?), this time it's a sigh of relief for them as their curiosity seems to have been satiated.

Rocking an off-shoulder black top, Kylie captioned the photo about lip glosses with sheer nonchalance. But of course her suddenly plump lips don't hold much attraction to fans anymore, especially after all these years.

The photo is sneaky in all the right ways, and for once offers a glimpse of her tummy, too.

cupcake gloss by @kyliecosmetics ?

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Tease – that's what Kylie and her team are. Like had reported earlier, Kylie is apparently doing away with all her lip fillers for the rumoured pregnancy.

"Kylie would never do anything that could put her baby at risk," revealed an insider to

"She's not trying to get lip injections right now. Kim [Kardashian] has promised her that her lips are going to get swollen along with her bump," added another source. "Kylie's looking forward to her pregnancy pout."

As for the rest of the world, it's her baby bump, clearly!