Kylie Jenner and Tyga
Kylie Jenner posted topless picture with ex-boyfriend Tyga.Facebook/ Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner might have been teasing her fans and followers with sneak peeks of her rumoured baby bump, but clearly, her ex Tyga doesn't find the situation all that amusing. In recent reports, Tyga wants Kylie to have a paternity test after the baby is born, to ensure who the real father is.

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TMZ broke the news of the 20-year-old being pregnant with her rapper boyfriend of a few months, Travis Scott, 25. But clearly, Tyga has done all the calculations and something doesn't seem to sit right if his math is correct. The 27-year-old rapper seems to be convinced that Kylie is pregnant with his baby girl.

"Tyga's hinting that he's going to push for a paternity test once the baby is born," said a source close to Kylie, to "Kylie swears this is not his baby but there's a slim chance it could be." Well, looks like just another day in the Kardashian household.

The news had been revealed on September 22 and the lip-kit mogul was reportedly 4 months pregnant then. The split with Tyga happened sometime around spring, this year and she soon started dating Travis.

The possibilities of Tyga actually being the father aren't completely none, but Kylie doesn't seem to be too bothered about it. According to sources, Kylie thinks it's "most likely [Tyga] grasping at straws, trying to come up with any reason to keep Kylie in his life," the source tells

This isn't Tyga's first attempt at trying to establish his fatherhood ever since the rumours broke out. On the very first day, within hours of the media and internet blowing up with the news of Kylie's pregnancy, Tyga had taken to Snapchat to post his version of the 'truth'.

With a screenshot of Kylie's pregnancy rumour, he wrote "Hell naw, that's my kid". The snap was deleted right away from his account and ever since fans and followers have been circulating the post and ridiculing the entire situation. Maybe this was Tyga's way of venting as sources claimed, "[He] feels it should have been him."

Tyga has been getting mocked and joked about the situation on talk shows as well, which probably explains why he isn't handling the news too well. On the October 2 episode of Hip Hop Squares, DeRay Davis, the host, asking him: "You got a kid, right?" Tyga answers with a nod and DeRayy asks, "Her name Kylie, right?"

That must have hurt! But Tyga's kid is called King Cairo, whose mother is Blac Chyna. Chyna also has a baby with Rob Kardashian, Kylie's half brother. By the looks of it, Tyga's kid is going to have a half sister in the same family!

#PressPlay: #Tyga #BlacChyna & #Dream came together to celebrate #King's 5th birthday!! ???

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