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The youngest in a family of six can be expected to get pampered a lot? So far, Kylie Jenner, the bombshell make-up mogul, has been a lot of things – a model, an entrepreneur, a brat, et al.

And now, while she's on the journey to motherhood, looks like the diva has toned down into a mother hen after all!

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While fans and followers and presumably everybody under the radar of reality TV is still waiting for a confirmation from the family, there have been multiple confirmations from sources and insiders to various magazines that the 20-year-old is actually expecting a baby girl with beau, Travis Scott, 25.

But not all is sunshine and rainbows every day as Kylie is now trying to cope with her pregnancy symptoms. "Kylie is just all about the baby right now -- it's literally all she can think and talk about," spilled a source to Hollywood Life. "So far, she's not really suffered any bad pregnancy side effects."

But there's always the infamous morning sickness and Kylie is no escapee from that, even though they didn't last long or as intensely. The insider who is close to the Kardashians, also shared that she had some mild morning sickness, but that seems to have totally passed now."

However, fans can rest easy knowing their King Kylie has been indulging in a lot possible binging as cravings are something she has been dealing with ever since she learnt the news of her pregnancy. There have been "some crazy food cravings ... and she's giving in to them all," as sources claimed.

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"She figures this is the one time in life when she doesn't need to worry about her weight, so she's indulging in everything she wants," added the source and we couldn't be happier for her as the social media icon makes it a point to share cheeky snaps on her accounts, teasing fans of what could be her possible craving for the day.

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Sources also added how Kylie is "super excited that she's having a little girl, as there are so many cute outfits and accessories out there that she can dress her up in." Doesn't surprise us considering that's every Kar-Jenner's forte!

"One thing's for sure, Kylie's daughter is definitely going to be the best dressed, girliest little girl out there!" – you know how the saying goes, like mother, like daughter. Kylie might not be the sexy siren on her Instagram anymore, with her baggy sweats and close up posts, but she still looks glowing.

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Earlier, sources had also confirmed that the youngest sibling of the clan was initially scared to tell her family about her pregnancy, but with elder sisters Khloe, 34 and Kim, 36 both expecting their babies soon too, guess she finally has warmed up to the situation.