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Making love on film is really sexy: Juno Temple

New Delhi, Nov 4(ANI): Juno Temple has revealed that she thinks making love on film is really sexy. She said that holding a gun a frightening proposition, because the idea of holding something that could actually take someone's life and she doesn't want to play God, media reported. She added that she will take off her clothes off if it's valid for the scene, if it's important, if it's a love-making scene, but there has to be a meaning behind it, as she isn't an exhibitionist. Nov 4, 2014
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Katie Holmes reveals her secret behind amazing hair

New Delhi, Nov 4 (ANI): Katie Holmes has revealed about the secret behind her thick gorgeous hair that is lustrous, straight-but-not-flat and shiny-but-not-limp. She said that she uses the "Complete Correction" cream that treats, protects and styles hair with ten benefits in one versatile formula from high-shine to moisture and UV protection, a leading Magazine reported. She explained that most days doesn't go and get a blow-out, instead, she reaches for Alterna's Bamboo Style Cleanse Extend Dry Shampoo that is basically the love child of a dry shampoo and a texturizing spray. Nov 4, 2014
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One World Trade Center opens for business

One World Trade Center, America's tallest building, on Monday welcomed its first tenants, publishing group Conde Nast, in a symbolic moment 13 years after the 9/11 attacks that brought down the original Twin Towers. Duration: 00:39 Nov 4, 2014
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Paddington Bear statue trail launched in London

The Paddington Trail was launched in London on Monday, featuring statues of the much-loved children's book character. 'Downton Abbey' actor Hugh Bonneville designed one of the bears which will be auctioned for a children's charity. Duration: 01:29 Nov 4, 2014
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Munich prepares to mark Berlin Wall anniversary

On November 9, 1989, the Berlin Wall fell, allowing residents of East Berlin to reconnect with the West. Twenty-five years later, the German capital is preparing to commemorate the historic event but in Munich interest is more muted. Duration: 01:26 Nov 3, 2014