Jim Parsons as Sheldon Cooper in 'The Big Bang Theory'
Jim Parsons as Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang TheoryFacebook/ The Big Bang Theory

A prequel to The Big Bang Theory focusing on Jim Parsons character Sheldon Cooper is said to be in the works. The new show will focus on a teenage version of Sheldon and only Parsons from the cast of The Big Bang Theory will be involved with the show.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Parsons will act as executive producer, but no other details about the potential prequel have been released.

Based on online reactions, the idea of a prequel hasn't thrilled The Big Bang Theory fans, who point out that the whole ensemble of cast is what makes the show such a hit. Also, quite a number of fans believe that only Parsons would be able to do justice to Sheldon. But if the show does get picked up then fans are excited to see these following scenes from Sheldon's past.

  • Sheldon's mother getting him tested
  • Sheldon finding out that his father is cheating on his mother
  • A chicken chasing Sheldon up a tree
  • Sheldon building the Sonic Death Ray to hurt the neighbourhood children
  • Sheldon getting beaten up by his twin sister and elder brother
  • Sheldon getting into college at the age of 11

Meanwhile, here are a few Twitter reactions to the possibility of a Sheldon-centric prequel.